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Failure of thermofluidic installations and equipment

Area of expertise

Failure analysis and expert evaluation

Installation thermo fluidique

All our expertise for reliable thermofluidic systems


Further to failure, damage, deterioration or drop in performance suffered by your thermofluidic system (hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.), you want to:

  • Understand and solve the problem
  • Obtain assistance for the selection of components
  • Verify the conformity of a component or the installation

We can provide assistance in many fields of application (piping, valves and fittings, rotating machinery, pumping stations, heat exchangers, etc.). Our services include:

  • A complete diagnosis of the installation
  • An analysis of the root causes of the disorders found
  • On-site measurement campaigns (flow, pressure, temperature or vibration measurements)
  • Characterisation tests in laboratory (performance of valves, pumps, etc.)
  • Flow simulations by numerical computation (with tests, as applicable)
  • Piping flexibility calculations
  • Assembly calculations
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment

The most appropriate corrective actions (redesign of components, technological choices, etc.)


Understanding the root cause of a failure will allow you to select the most reliable and cheapest solutions.

This is also the key to enhance equipment efficiency, optimise your system or increase its durability in order to meet requirements for sustainable development.

Cetim is the French leading specialist in failure analysis and will provide you with neutral and reliable results for use in insurance or judicial, or for industrial purposes.

We implement a comprehensive and optimised approach which includes numerical modelling and physical testing.

Moreover, with CETIM’s approach, a single point of contact will be at your disposal to give you access to a very wide range of competencies (mechanical engineering, hydraulics, sealing, joining, electricity) and testing equipment.

Our other services

Profile and surface anaylsis following a failure

A metrology laboratory to control your faulty mechanical parts or devices

Expertise in non-destructive testing

NDT, as a preventive measure, according to regulations or subsequent to a failure

Maintenance of fluid flow structures

Our whole expertise for you to reduce operating costs (pumping...)

Confinement of refrigerants

Improve the confinement of refrigerants (CFC, HCFC gases) in your equipement and facilities

Expertise in tightness failures analysis

Our full range of expertise to help you quickly and accurately identify the causes of leaks

Testing of sealing products and components

Characterise and qualify your sealing products and components

Leak-tight design

Complete your design work with our sealing expertise

Qualification of dynamic seals

Test benches to qualify and validate dynamic seals 

Failure analysis and expertise

More than just a simple diagnosis, a true driver of competitiveness!

Forensic and insurance expertise

Are you a court-appointed and/or insurance expert? Call on an independent partner to assist you in your investigations!

Fracture mechanics

Analyse, understand and anticipate the failure of a component or piece of mechanical equipment to be able to judge its integrity.

Failure or damage of mechanical components

Analyse and understand the failure of a component, transmission or a mechanical equipment

Wear & failure of polymer and composite parts

Understand and anticipate plastic, composite and elastomer material breaks

Failure of bolted, welded, riveted or adhesive bonded assemblies

Understand the origin of failure for robust assemblies

Faulty parts on production line

Defective parts on the production line

Vibratory failure analysis

Expert know-how in noise and vibrations

Failure of thermofluidic installations and equipment

All our expertise for reliable thermofluidic systems

Pressure equipment failure

Secure your pressure equipment

Failure, damage of metallic parts

Analyse and understand the failure of a part, product or metallic equipment

Expertise in corrosion and corrosion protection

Analyse and understand the corrosion of a part, product or metallic equipment

Wear, abrasion, friction of metallic parts

Understand and characterise wear and friction phenomena


Our references

Checking leak tightness by acoustic emission

( Entrepose Contracting)

Optimised cooling systems with AFT/Fathom

( Cegelec CEM)

Failure analysis

Mechanical breakdown, non-compliant product ? Our dedicated teams do failure analyses on a daily basis and give you assents and recommendations to help you understand the causes and origins of the problem.

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