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Mechatronics – Control and Measurement


2018, a year of construction for a unique model

2018 was a year full of events and Cetim’s new annual reportis now available to provide you with a full summary.

The 2018 report, in line with previous versions, present the basics and describes the actions performed every day by Cetim, an Industrial Technical Centre and one of the very first Carnot institutes: basic missions such as R&D on behalf of companies, support to mechanical engineers, or preferential partnerships with the French regions to support industrial companies.

Unprecedented effort

This year’s edition also illustrates an unprecedented year of construction in Cetim’s history: integrations, acquisitions, implementation of a visibility strategy, etc. Cetim has consolidated its model - unique in France - to provide small and medium industries with close support in their drive to move upmarket. While the French Prime Minister has expressed the government’s desire to step up its efforts to transform the French industrial sector, Cetim is mobilising its forces and is initiating a large-scale regrouping and regional proximity operation. The objective is raise the awareness of 30,000 small and medium industrial companies regarding digital technologies by 2022…

Many operations were initiated in 2018, among which the reorganisation of the associated centres, the creation of new subsidiaries and the installation of new sites. As a result, 2018 was an intense year which saw  construction and structuring of a whole system to support the transformation of the industrial sector. With this new stage, Cetim has become a driving force across France, working hand in hand with the French regions to encourage industrial development 

Nevertheless, this period also saw the announcement, in the middle of the year, of a significant reduction in the ceiling of the tax allocated to Industrial Technical Centres for 2019 (-6.5%).

Cetim is a unique model, dedicated to supporting companies in all possible ways (R&D, standardisation, collective actions, etc.).

The French industrial sector needs such support. Industrial policies require industrial policy tools, and Cetim is one of these tools!

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Mechatronics is for products and equipments as well. It deals with an integrated method to design, validate and manufacture functions which performances are guaranteed by an optimal assembly of various components (mechanical, electrical, electronical and data processing ones).
In the field of control and measurement, improvements are mainly found in the fields of production system management and real-time adjustment in order to guarantee product quality. There is also the development of via-Internet management of production machines, so that one machine can be shared by various industrials.
This technological focus includes projects relating to : mechatronical design, process and product automation and monitoring, measurement control, maintenance and monitoring of operating machines.

Hot topics

To help the mechanical engineering industry to anticipate and make the best strategic choices, Cetim, with support from its partners, has identified 53 technologies which are considered as priorities for the mechanical engineering sector for 2020.

  1. Energy-autonomous communicating sensors
  2. Adaptronics
  3. Traceability
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