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Results of collective works


Tests of synthetic ropes –Lf200 curve

Given the technical and economic challenges represented by the failure modes of synthetic ropes, the Handling, Hoisting and Storage Commission initiated a work programme to determine methods for managing their safe life in hoisting applications. The goal of the scheduled tests was to establish criteria for removal in relation to the damaging caused by bending stresses under load conditions. Therefore, a test bench was designed in 2017 and, following experiments, the Lf100 and Lf150 curves were plotted with yield strength tests and the four time increments. This step (S2050), which involves the full performance of a new Lf200 curve, helped to ascertain the transmissible load of an experimental rope under repeated bending stresses and permanent tensile stresses. It also served to enhance knowledge about the failure mode and to establish a damage intensity image recognition method which still needs fine tuning. In view of this success, other comparative tests were carried out, to verify the life factor theory, by changing the diameter of the pulley and the safety factor associated with the tensile load.

Author : Francis BLANC, Cetim

Created 06/10/2021
Updated 06/18/2021
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S2050 - Tests of synthetic ropes–Lf200 curve

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