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  • Cetim, your projects partner

    > Cetim Academy Training Courses 2021

    The catalogue is online!

    • 400 training programmes
    • 450 expert trainers
    • An offer to support all staff (manager, executive, technician, operator…)
    • Certification of personnel, validation of the acquired skills under the supervision of tutors
    * Onsite training, virtual classes, blended learning
    • Over 25 training sites in France, Singapore and Morocco

  • Cetim, your projects partner

    > Aeromart#Digital 2020


    Meet with our experts to discuss your projects and discover our service offering:

    - New Generation Aircraft / Green Aircraft 

    - Innovating for Resilience 

    - Factory and Hangar of the Future: manufacturing & operating costs reductions, MRO excelling!

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    Our historical relationships with this sector allow us to provide the most suitable answer as regards expectations in terms of materials, products and processes, by integrating all benefits from R&D and new technologies (innovating materials, mechatronics, etc.).

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    We are experts in materials, processes and organisation, and we are able to integrate all innovations (mechatronics, new materials, etc.) which will allow you to remain one length ahead.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    We are mechanics experts working with the transport industry and we provide advice and leading edge technological competences to meet industry's expectations.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    We are a historical partner in this sector, we carry out thorough R&D to better answer to industrial manufacturers' expectations and provide unique know-how as regards processes and organisation

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    Our goal is to propose exceptional means and competences in the field of mechanics, supported by applicative research projects so as to find, in cooperation with aeronautical industrial manufacturers, the answers to the challenges of tomorrow's air transportation.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    Control of materials (metals, composites) and of the transformation and assembly processes are key-knowledge as regards mechanics.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    High-performance design which associates simulation and tests in a reliabilistic approach of service life.

  • Cetim, your projects partner

    > ENERGY

    Thanks to the combination of unique competences (materials, processes, inspection, organisation, training), Cetim is a leading expert in mechanics and will support your experts

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    The purpose of the synergy between mechanics, electronics, automation and information technology is to obtain improved functionalities. Monitoring and maintenance of equipment are also at stake

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    Select or qualify materials or processes, cooperate with you to design the best organisation, make technological advances, bring you mechanical expertise to support your industrial expertise.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    From eco-design to the end of life of a product or a process, sustainable development needs to be considered as an opportunity for innovation.

  • Cetim, your projects partner


    Industrial performance, extended enterprise, management of knowledge and competences: these are key factors for activity continuity.

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