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Our comprehensive approaches

At each stage of your project, an expert from Cetim can intervene on a precise point. You may also ask him to manage the actions of each specialist, for a global assumption of responsibility for your service. 
We tried to illustrate this approach through the examples presented below, where each step can be part of a global project, or be performed separately.

  • Additive Manufacturing : A support all along the value chain

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  • A global expertise and service centre dedicated to the hydroelectric sector

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  • 1Technological intelligence and innovation

    - Structuring the creativity approach
    - Overcoming technical barriers
    - Shortening development cycles
    - Technological intelligence
    Rely on Cetim for achieving your technological development projects

  • 2Performances in production and industrialization

    - Organization of production workshops, costs optimization
    - Predictive maintenance, measurement and control means
    - Bringing into compliance, application of standards and codes
    - Safety management, environmental management, quality follow-up
    Cetim develops in your workshop the best methods for an efficient production and helps you to bring risks under control.

  • 3Validation, Simulation & tests

    - Defining and performing computations or tests fitting precisely your needs
    - Validation or fiabilisation of your materials, components or structures.
    In the decisive step of your product’s validation, Cetim’s expertise brings you safety and time savings.

  • 4Failures analysis

    - Multi-field approach of fracture, corrosion, wear of materials, parts, components, structures
    - in-laboratory or on-site interventions
    - an interlocutor for courtyards, experts and insurance companies
    Cetim is the French leader in failure analysis for mechanical engineering. It carries out your analysis with an independent mind and deep knowledge, and makes available to you the expert in the field… in all confidentiality.

  • 5Design, ecodesign

    - A multidisciplinary project team
    - Requirements analysis : functionalities, expected performance, life expectancy, safety and respect for the environment
    - Specifications definition, support for selection, search for suppliers
    Experts in each trade support you for progressing faster while answering your expectations

  • 6Re-designing

    - Analysis of results, audits and diagnoses for re-designing
    - Implementation of sustainable corrective actions
    - Failure prevention
    Take the most of the implementation of one or more process steps in order to progress and limit risks.
    The re-designing, taking benefit from Cetim’s experience and from the professional skill of your company, allows to set up actions for a durable progress.

  • 7Pre industrialization

    - Support to industrialization, definition of manufacturing sequences
    - Workshop setting up and homologation
    - Selection of traditional or innovating manufacturing processes
    With Cetim, you identify the solutions which allow you to increase performance.

A transverse vision

With its capacities of applicative research and the widest outfit of mechanical skills in France, Cetim proposes you a unique service, by proposing a globlale approach and associating the required expertises at every stage of a project.
You thus have the guarantee to be able to treat your whole industrial project, according to your request, by neglecting none of its aspects.
Cetim knows well your trades and their constraints, It is the needful expert in mechanics for your company. 

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