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Video: “I am Sure” project monitors metal additive manufacturing

detection of incipient defects reveals its results in a new video.


The “I am Sure” project has proven that it is possible to perform real-time in-process monitoring of metal additive manufactured parts. The project partners developed a system that can be used to detect the formation of defects on parts produced with the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes. Learn all about the project in the video “Additive Manufacturing - innovative solutions for real time defects detection” on Youtube.


From preparation through to characterisation

Sponsored by the machine manufacturer BeAM (acquired by Addup), the project brought together players from all sectors, namely Airbus, Naval Group, Thales, CEA List, Cetim LNE, VLM, Polyshape and the French rapid prototyping association. As part of the project, Cetim was tasked with developing a detection system, which it implemented on “model” parts and subsequently used X-ray tomography after manufacturing to qualify the results. 

This video takes a look at the key steps in this experiment - preparation, manufacturing, in situ control using acoustic emission technology and fatigue characterisation work to qualify the harmfulness of the detected defects - for each of the studied processes (DED and SLM).


Watch the video “Additive Manufacturing, - innovative solutions for real time defects detection” on the Cetim France Youtube channel.


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