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Mechatronics – Control and Measurement


The Cotra demonstrator unveiled in a video!

The advanced testing demonstrator developed by Cetim Grand-Est, with its robot and contactless technology, is opening up new avenues for the introduction of non-destructive testing on production lines.


It is now possible to test all parts output from a thermochemical treatment line in real time and without destroying them! A new video of the Cotra demonstrator unveiled by Cetim Grand-Est at the BE 4.0 trade fair is proof of this. To achieve this feat, it uses two innovative technologies which can be industrially manufactured on a production line. The first is the 3MA, a combination of magnetic tests used to inspect the thermochemical treatment depth and hardness of a part. The second technology, Holo3, uses Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to inspect the material’s chemical composition.

In addition to the technical performance, this demonstrator is also a means for Cetim Grand-Est to demonstrate its ability to support manufacturers during each stage (feasibility, prototype, series run and industrial production) of their development in this area. “The aim is to provide tailored assistance to our manufactures” explained Clément Callens, Industry of the future manager at Cetim Grand-Est.


Watch the video “Cotra: a demonstrator of 100% real-time contactless quality control” on the Cetim France YouTube channel.

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Mechatronics is for products and equipments as well. It deals with an integrated method to design, validate and manufacture functions which performances are guaranteed by an optimal assembly of various components (mechanical, electrical, electronical and data processing ones).
In the field of control and measurement, improvements are mainly found in the fields of production system management and real-time adjustment in order to guarantee product quality. There is also the development of via-Internet management of production machines, so that one machine can be shared by various industrials.
This technological focus includes projects relating to : mechatronical design, process and product automation and monitoring, measurement control, maintenance and monitoring of operating machines.

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