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Expertise in tightness failures analysis

Area of expertise

Sealing technologies

le tuyau métallique avec la valve fuit dans l'usine de traitement de l'eau-Etancheité des fuites

Our full range of expertise to help you quickly and accurately identify the causes of leaks


Further to the failure of an item of your fluid equipment wherein tightness is a critical parameter, you want to:

  • Identify and analyse the root causes of leakage
  • Check the conformity of sealing materials with respect to the specific characteristics of reference materials
  • Understand and address the damage mechanisms
  • Find long-term solutions
  • Meet the requirements of the energy and ecological transition

Provide and conduct a comprehensive analysis (on a case-by-case basis) from all the observations and parameters associated with the failure:

  • On-site assessment: detection, location and quantification of leaks
  • Mechanical analyses
  • Physical and chemical analyses of polymer, elastomer or metallic materials
  • Tests under conditions similar to service conditions (pressure, temperature, fluid, etc.).
  • Assistance with selecting alternative sealing solutions
  • Our experience and knowledge of sealing products and their behaviour stem from the large number of tests performed
  • An overall approach with comprehensive analysis equipment (tightness, mechanical and physical-chemical)
  • Objectivity of the analysis, conducted by a neutral and independent institut
  • Provision of additional expertise: Assembly, NDT, metrology, etc.
  • Cetim is the French leading specialist in failure analysis and will provide you with neutral and reliable results for use in insurance or judicial appraisals, or for industrial purposes
  • Cofrend-certified operators (levels 2 and 3)

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Our references

Modelling sealing to improve dynamic seals

( Techmaflex)

Hoses approved Cetim and LRCCP

( Tisseo)

Well-controlled leak tightness

( Veolia)

Sealing braids undergoing unprecedented tests

( EDF)

Failure analysis

Mechanical breakdown, non-compliant product ? Our dedicated teams do failure analyses on a daily basis and give you assents and recommendations to help you understand the causes and origins of the problem.

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