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Fermob selects the appropriate robot with Arthur.

Automation is fantastic… only if you make the right choices with your machines. Fermob’s activity is constantly growing, however it remains significantly seasonal, with sales figures multiplied by 10 between March and July every year. This is why Fermob has decided to introduce robots in its workshops. And in order to be sure that it will make the right choice, the manufacturer of metal garden furniture applied the Arthur method designed by Cetim as part of a collective action.

Arthur is the French acronym for “Analyse de Répartition des Tâches entre HUmains et Robots” or, in other words, “Human-robot task distribution analysis”. From a detailed questionnaire to be completed depending on the company’s business activity, Arthur is able to determine whether robotization is a path worth following and, if so, how this should be done. Fermob was one of the first companies to experiment with this method in 2018, and it rapidly selected a movable collaborative robot, the integration of which was entrusted to Ideatech, and then trained its personnel to properly operate the machine.

To find all the details on this first application of the Arthur method, read the reference sheet “Fermob – Choosing the appropriate robot with Arthur” in the “References” section of our website.


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