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The European project EASI-Stress is launched !

Residual stress is easy with the EASI-Stress project! The general objective of the European project that has just started is to increase the access and adoption by industry of tools for the characterization of residual stresses in depth (a few tens of centimeters) by non-destructive methods. To do this, it plans to cross-test with the large European X-ray diffraction instruments (synchrotron) or neutron diffraction instruments to obtain an evaluation of these stresses in depth on standard samples. A third technique, destructive, will also be implemented (stress evaluation by the deep holedrilling method). A comparison of the results will enable the relevance of each of these techniques to be assessed, with the guideline of initiating a normative approach at the end of this European project. Among the 14 partners of this project led by the Danish Technological Institute, Cetim is in charge of the definition of samples, the comparison of the evaluations carried out and the research of case studies of industrial applications. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 953219


Get more info on this project on the European Commission website.


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