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Change your industrial organisation

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Industrial organisation

Evolution organisation indusrtrielle

 You are looking for strategic, organisational and technological solutions to boost your competitiveness and resilience in a fast-moving world with ma...


You are looking for strategic, organisational and technological solutions to boost your competitiveness and resilience in a fast-moving world with many drastic technological and organisational changes.


Cetim can help you optimise your industrial organisation and thereby respond to emerging challenges (crisis management, new regulatory constraints, etc.), including the appearance of digital and new technologies such as robotics, additive manufacturing, etc.


Our assistance covers the following fields:


  • Strategic review of your activities (Make or Buy, Strategic Business Units, partnerships, roadmap, etc.)
  • Organisation of your workshops and production lines (inventory management, flow management and simulation, problem solving, visual management, etc.)
  • Reorganisation of your workstations (cobotics, ergonomics, health and safety)
  • Management of your supply chains and procurements
  • Change management
  • Organisation of corporate functions (production, methods, maintenance, etc.)
  • Industrial manufacturing of your products
  • Failure analysis
  • Risk control (laws and regulations, health and safety, environment, etc.)

 With over 50 years of experience in various sectors, our ambition is to provide you with comprehensive solutions tailored to your context, for better competitiveness and optimum risk control.

 Our work can take place either at a management level (strategic guidance) or at an operational level (definition of technological and organisational solutions).

 Our approach also aims to provide you with the necessary know-how to help you improve your independence and to assist you with the management of change within your company (Cetim Academy training courses).

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Industrial control, efficiency in production

Your industrial management depends on many parameters : from your global company strategy to your local team management .
Cetim can accompany your organization at a global level with the general management, or help the operational managers solve identified problematics.
We give you access to specialised trade experts, or propose our unique ability to combine our expertises to manage global projects.

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