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Support to pressure equipment design

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Sphere de tockage-equipement sous pression

Benefit from expert advice!


As a designer of pressure equipment, you want to:
• validate your computations and studies, check their compliance with pressure equipment construction codes
• optimize your design with the help of expert advice : guarantee a longer lifecycle to your equipments, benefit from an easier maintenance and anticipate failures
• support for dimensioning and choosing materials


Our pressure equipment specialists bring you:
• a deep critical analysis of your specifications and computations reports
• expertise in the interpretation and application of codes and regulations (EN13445, CODAP, CODETI, CODRES, ASME, B31-3 and earthquake...)
• advice to improve your equipment performance and maintenance plans
• definition of storage containers frangibility


• Cetim is an independent technical center with an international reputation. It contributes to many standardization organizations and positions itself as one of the best expertise centers in pressure equipment
• Cetim brings you neutral advice and objectively helps you choose your materials and suppliers as well as improve your designs and specifications
• you benefit from multidisciplinary skills in materials, computations, processes (boilermaking, welding, piping, assembly). Your unique contact can manage your project as a whole and call on a technical trade specialist if necessary

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Design and simulation

The design of products and their manufacturing processes includes many different parameters ranging from human to technological ones, not to mention environmental issues and questions dealing with operators' well-being.
So many reasons to call for Cetim’s experience!

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