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Design of power transmission systems

Area of expertise

Machinery and controls

Organes de transmission de puissance

Expert support for an optimized result


You want to design a reliable power transmission system which complies with your technical and economical specifications.
How can you be sure that you meet your customers’ expectations while maintaining the best profitability for your company?


Cetim totally or partially supports you in every step of your project, through:
• setting up technical specifications related to customer’s needs: environmental constraints, loading, expected power, structure design...
• computation with specific tools
• definition of the components geometry according to standards (definition table for tolerance, digital files) and by the rule book
• support in the realization of detailed prototype
• setting up a technical purchase specification and support to choose suppliers
• technical analysis of answers
• on-site acceptance with application of indicated controls


• Cetim is an independent specialist which supports you to objectively assess your suppliers' services
• Our trade specialized teams mastering the good practices for design and manufacturing processes
• Our regulatory and normative intelligence to always bring you advanced counselling

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Design and simulation

The design of products and their manufacturing processes includes many different parameters ranging from human to technological ones, not to mention environmental issues and questions dealing with operators' well-being.
So many reasons to call for Cetim’s experience!

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