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Expertise in leakage measurement

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Sealing technologies

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Our whole expertise to help you master your fluids


As a manufacturer or user of mechanical components having sealing functions, you are concerned with complying criteria required by your customer, as well as current regulations or standards:
• specifications: how to interpret standards to define tightness criteria?
• tightness control implementation (in lab, on site, during production): which system is best ?


Our team is certified “COFREND 2 Etanchéité” (COFREND 2 - Tightness) and is skilled in means and methods for detecting multigas and liquid leaks (quantitative and qualitative measurements)
We can support you in some steps of your project or handle it as a whole:
• specifications : we help you turn a functional criterium into a measurable and quantifiable value
• leak measuring engineering: we help you choose and implement measuring techniques to best fit your required tightness level


• we help you go straight to the point in research and instrumentation
• our experience in agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nuclear energy, petrochemical, aeronautic and cold industries and our strong knowledge in specific standards ensure the best solution for you
• our equipment is at your disposal to establish your leakage measurement chain at least cost

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Control of materials, products and equipments

Cetim offers you its expertise in non-destructive testing and measurements, from simple part inspection to process instrumentation including the management of measuring instrument tools, in order to meet each requirement, whether related to products or processes.
Your NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) operators can also obtain COFREND certification in one of the 2 Cetim examination centres (Senlis and Nantes, France).

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