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Innovative and differentiative production technologies

Area of expertise

Mechanical products and processes

Cellule robotisée Cetim

Your processes become a real competitive asset


• increase the value of the products and services you offer to your customers and your company’s profitability
• become the premium choice for your customers
• validate your choices with contained-cost preseries
• make good and objective investment choices for your mechanical equipment according to your strategy
• make right technological choices.


After a full analysis of your current situation, Cetim recommends the best technological solutions for you and helps you enforce them.
• products audit
• suggestions of innovative technological solutions according to your environment
• technical and economical feasibility studies on our testing and validation platforms
• pricing, time and cost capitalization
• changing and staff support, trainings

Machining (5 axes, robot, vibratory drilling...), assembly (bonding, mecano welding, riveting, bolting, clinching...), stamping, adiabatic blanking, digital process simulation, forging, large deformation processes, powder metallurgy (compression, laser sintering, laser fusion, CGV, MIM, direct manufacturing, SPS...)


• our shared technical platforms reduce risks and ease skill acquisition
• you have access to our network of scientific and industrial partners
• you save time, which allows you to improve your skills in new technologies for the benefit of your company
• investment simplicity and relevance
• objective investment choices (apart from bidders' offers).

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Industrial control, efficiency in production

Your industrial management depends on many parameters : from your global company strategy to your local team management .
Cetim can accompany your organization at a global level with the general management, or help the operational managers solve identified problematics.
We give you access to specialised trade experts, or propose our unique ability to combine our expertises to manage global projects.

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