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Surface and heat treatment of metals

Area of expertise

Surfaces and painting engineering

Traitements thermiques

Select, control and characterise heat and thermochemical treatment processes


With a view to improving product performance or reducing production costs while sticking to customer specifications, you would like to:

  • determine the best heat or thermochemical treatment processes
  • optimise your manufacturing parameters
  • study the investment of a treatment line
  • maintain or develop your skills
  • characterise your products

Cetim offers its skills and test resources to support you in your optimisation approach

  • Assistance in the selection of a treatment: quenching / tempering, surface hardening
  • Optimised diffusion treatment of non-metallic components
    • Case hardening (C), Nitriding (N), Carbonitriding (C and N)
    • Sulfonitrocarburizing (S, N and C), Oxynitrocarburizing (O, N and C)
    • Boriding (B)
  • Optimised diffusion treatment of metallic components
    • Chromizing (Cr), Aluminizing (Al), Chrome-aluminizing (Cr and Al), Manganese diffusion coating (Mn)
  • Qualification of the selected treatments
  • Auditing of your industrial treatment lines
  • Training of your operators
  • Recognised and independent expertise in the field of  heat and thermochemical treatments
  • Customised support in optimising your processes
  • Access to efficient  test, characterisation and simulation resources
  • Access to the multidisciplinary skills of metallurgical teams to optimise your products and processes

Our other services

Simulation of treatment processes

Optimize your thermal and surface treatment costs thanks to simulation

Management of industrial effluents

Regulatory Compliance at optimized Cost

The surface to improve performance



Our references

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( EDF Septen )

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Surfaces and treatments

Once the material has been chosen, it is equally important to determine the right treatment to use.
How to guarantee the material's stability, sustainability, quality so that the part or the structure durably fulfils its functions?
Cetim specialists can provide you with answers.

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