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Results of collective works


Additive manufacturing of steels

With this guide (9Q380) on additive manufacturing of steels, Cetim hopes to provide all mechanical engineers with the possibility of accessing these technologies, which are often quite costly, and to apply them to a wider range of activities. Though it is a field in constant development, metal additive manufacturing is still pigeon-holed to very specific sectors, such as medicine or aeronautics, and to parts produced with noble materials such as titanium, nickel or cobalt alloys which, of course, makes the technology expensive. To reach its goal, Cetim first examined how this technology could be made more accessible by listing all of the factors that can create obstacles for deployment. Then a state of the art was established, presenting a wide variety of processes for producing many different types of parts, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. All of them are listed here in great detail and presented with their results.

Author : Christophe GROSJEAN, Cetim

In collaboration with Oriane Baulin, Alexian Juin, Daniel Maisonnette, Catherine Peyrac, Christophe Reynaud, Cetim

Created 11/26/2019
Updated 04/16/2020
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9Q380_Additive manufacturing of steels

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