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Mechatronics – Control and Measurement


Take a closer look at the technological platforms used at the aeronautical unit of the Carnot institutes: try our guide!

The Aircar and Onera branches of the Carnot institutes provide SME and intermediate-sized companies in the aeronautical industry with a guide to how to access their technological platforms.

The new guide, "Les plateformes technologiques de la filière aéronautique des Instituts Carnot" (Technological platforms used at the aeronautical unit of the Carnot institutes) prepared by the eight Carnot institutes involved in Aircar (Cetim, Ingénierie@Lyon, M.I.N.E.S, Arts, Ifpen-Transports Energie, Mica, CEA Leti, ESP) and its pilot program, Onera, aims to allow SME and intermediate-sized companies to rapidly access the expertise and test resources of 50 renowned technological platforms in the aeronautical sector! 

Four key topics

This guide lists the technological platforms according to their technical pertinence in terms of aeronautical issues, the services proposed (R&D, prototypes, characterisation, production, training services, etc.) and compatibility with the budgets of small businesses, SME and intermediate-sized companies. The guide is broken down into four topics to make it easier to find the right expertise and laboratory resources. The first topic covers materials (composites, functional textiles, surface tribology, etc.) and processes (additive manufacturing, machining processes, industrial robotics, etc.). The second topic focuses on hybrid and electrical components and systems, and lists the platforms able to cover the design and characterisation of electric motors or power storage, to give just a couple of examples. The third topic relates to embedded systems, such as radio communications systems and anti-theft protection for embedded systems. Finally, the last chapter of the guide focuses on "drones and new associated services": free flight, vibrations and aeroelasticity, and acoustic imaging.

An interactive version of the guide " Les plateformes technologiques de la filière aéronautique des Instituts Carnot" (Technological platforms used at the aeronautical unit of the Carnot institutes) is available from the following website: A printed version can also be obtained from Aircar on request.

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Mechatronics is for products and equipments as well. It deals with an integrated method to design, validate and manufacture functions which performances are guaranteed by an optimal assembly of various components (mechanical, electrical, electronical and data processing ones).
In the field of control and measurement, improvements are mainly found in the fields of production system management and real-time adjustment in order to guarantee product quality. There is also the development of via-Internet management of production machines, so that one machine can be shared by various industrials.
This technological focus includes projects relating to : mechatronical design, process and product automation and monitoring, measurement control, maintenance and monitoring of operating machines.

Hot topics

To help the mechanical engineering industry to anticipate and make the best strategic choices, Cetim, with support from its partners, has identified 53 technologies which are considered as priorities for the mechanical engineering sector for 2020.

  1. Energy-autonomous communicating sensors
  2. Adaptronics
  3. Traceability
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