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Materials - Processes


Cetim becomes a key partner in the Oil and Gas sector

With the help of Cetim, Eureka Pumps, a Norwegian manufacturer, performed unprecedented tests on a large‑size oil extraction pump. A “Success Story” worth reading and watching which demonstrates Cetim’s abilities to support companies of the Oil & Gas sector throughout the world with their large-scale projects.


The challenge met by Eureka Pumps, a Norwegian pump manufacturer, and Cetim involved reproducing the cold start of the large-size oil drilling pump in extreme temperature conditions. For that purpose a two-ton pump was installed in Cetim’s facilities in order to run unprecedented tests with a liquid with a viscosity 1,000 times that of water. The objective was to validate the sizing of a future drilling facility to be located off the Canadian coasts and, more importantly, to ensure the pump’s ability to start with very high viscosity levels in polar temperatures.

To find more on this application case which is representative of Cetim’s ability to support industrial companies of the Oil & Gas sector, read our reference sheet “Eureka pumps - Tests of giant pumps in real conditions”in the “References” section of our website, or watch the video “Eureka Pumps: validate the start of a pump in severe weather conditions”on the Cetim France YouTube channel.


Cetim’s offer for the Oil & Gas sector ranges from exploration and production to refining and includes crude oil transport. It is also presented in its entirety on a page dedicated specifically to this sector in our website.

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Mastering various types of materials (metallic, polymer, composite...) and their particular implementation through processing and assembly processes is the very base of mechanical engineering industry. The technologies used in this sector gradually evolve but remain critical for everybody.
This technological focus includes projects relating to : virtual simulation of manufacturing processes, implementation of innovative manufacturing processes or improvement of existing ones, innovative assembly processes (mechanical ones, but also processes using adhesive bonding or welding), characterization and definition of using conditions for new materials (metallic or non-metallic ones) and nanostructured materials or surfaces.

Hot topics

To help the mechanical engineering industry to anticipate and make the best strategic choices, Cetim, with support from its partners, has identified 53 technologies which are considered as priorities for the mechanical engineering sector for 2020.

  1. Nanofilled elastomers
  2. Integration of robots during production
  3. Near Net Shape forming methods
  4. Light and titanium alloys
  5. Superalloys and ultrahigh performance steels
  6. Thermoplastic composites
  7. Welding of high-performance materials
  8. Multi-material joining
  9. Micro-fabrication
  10. Agile and adaptive manufacturing systems
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