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Video: Industry of the Future Techno Zoom: Metallic additive manufacturing

The new instructional video produced by Cetim in connection with the Industry of the Future Alliance sheds light on a number of technologies that enable a direct transition from design to production, without the use of tools.

The world is changing and so is industry. To meet consumer demands, it is seeking new alternatives, such as metallic additive manufacturing, which is covered in a new Industry of the Future Techno Zoom. This new instructional video is available on the Cetim France YouTube channel and provides detailed explanations about this new technology that is replacing machining and gives insight into the key benefits derived therefrom, such as the possibility to manufacture unit parts within close proximity to customers, to customise parts, and achieve lighter-weight products by adopting unprecedented designs. Metallic additive manufacturing provides SMEs with an opportunity to stand out, by working faster and adopting new ways of producing, using a range of technologies which allow them to transition directly from design to production without the use of tools.

As part of its mission to roll out the government plan to SMEs within the Industry of the Future Alliance, Cetim invites you to watch its “Techno Zooms” and “testimonials” videos, and learn more about key technologies of the Industry of the Future and their practical application in companies.

The set of videos, including the “Industry of the Future Techno Zoom – Metallic additive manufacturing” , can be found on the Cetim France YouTube channel.


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