Heat Treatment of gears

Créé le : 28/11/2013

In this document you will find a practical compendium of the detailed specifications for the heat treatment of gear teeth. The collection has been prepared using the data featuring in ISO 6336-5 and ISO 15787 (in the process of being developed) and, in the case of nitriding, in the NF A 02-052 draft standard. In particular, the specifications define the minimum conditions required prior to any heat treatment operations on the gear teeth (excluding, of course, operations that are covered by an order or particular terms of reference). Of course, these specifications recognise that the material has been chosen to be adapted to the requirements of the treatment in question in relation to the size and shape of the gear teeth to be treated.

The specifications for the four heat treatments are reviewed as follows:

1)    Surface hardening treatment of gear teeth made of steel,

2)    Nitriding of the gear teeth,

3)    Hardening treatment by quenching and tempering of gear teeth,

4)    Case hardening by carburizing and carbonitriding followed by hardening treatment by quenching and tempering of the gear teeth.

Each chapter successively describes the field of application for the relevant treatment, the general conditions for its implementation, the properties of the treated layers and the inspection procedures.