XIII-WG2-143-14 - Mechanisms of fatigue improvement after hammer peening in welded structure

Créé le : 02/04/2015

Verdu C., Revilla C., Buffière J.-Y., Peyrac C., Huther I., Lefebvre F. - 01/03/2014 - RC - IIW - Intermediate meeting at Leoben…

If all the results, mainly from the literature survey, suggest that conventional or High Frequency hammer peening could be the optimal solution for improving the fatigue strength or for the cracked or fatigue joint repair, some questions still arise: 

1) What is the hammer peening efficiency for the different domains of fatigue (low cycles, limited endurance or high cycles)? 

2) What are the influencing parameters (residual stress, geometry, hardening ...)? 

3) What are the mechanisms involved? 

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