Vibroacoustique source separation using an improved cyclic wiener filter

Créé le : 02/07/2014

Mario Eltabach - 29-30 octobre 2012 - RC : Congrès SURVEILLANCE 7…

Noise radiated by rotating and reciprocating machines is often a mixture of multiple complex sources, the successful reduction of which is a research field of intensive research. In this paper an advanced source separation approach is pre-sented, based on cyclic Wiener filtering, which takes into account the cyclosta-tionarity property of the signals. 

The aim of the Wiener filter is the separation of noisy measurements their contributions from the specific N sources and the remaining “noise”. Traditionally this can be achieved by using reference signals which are strongly coherent with the sources of interest and uncorrelated with all the other interfering sources and the masking noise. 

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