Thermoplastic composites for underwater applications

Créé le : 24/07/2015

Arhant M., Davies P., Burtin C., Briançon C - 01/07/2015 - RC - 20TH international conference on composite materials in Copenhagen (ICCM20)…

More than 95% of the oceans remain unexplored. With an average depth of 3800 meters, it is necessary to design devices that are able to withstand high hydrostatic pressures. Also, the lighter these pressure vessels are the more equipment and measuring instruments they can carry. This has led to the development of new technologies and composite materials are very attractive [1-2]. Those used today in marine environments are almost exclusively thermoset-based composites (polyester, epoxy). These pressure vessels, manufactured by filament winding, require high thicknesses (more than 10 mm). Obtaining such thicknesses without defects is a real challenge; internal stresses and delaminations are common, all leading to premature failures.

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