Thermal modeling of an Asymmetrical Totally Enclosed Permanent Magnet integrated starter generator

Créé le : 30/06/2015

Khlissa R., Vivier S., Friedrich G., El Kadri Benkara K., Assaad B. - 01/05/2014 - RC - Electrimacs 2014 - 19/22 mai 2014 - Valencia - Espagne…

Some applications require totally enclosed machines. In these cases, forced internal air cooling, using fans, is impossible. Even permanent magnet machines included in more complex systems may have equivalent rotor losses to expel. For these reasons, an accurate determination of heat exchange transfers and heat sources are important for the determination of the temperature distribution and for the machine design itself. This paper details the thermal modeling of a totally enclosed permanent magnet machine, such as an integrated starter generator (ISG). For this purpose, a lumped parameter network is used.

Thermal conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer modes are considered. Losses are calculated using analytical expressions and a coupled electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Simulation results are compared and validated with experimental data.

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