Qualification of the acoustic method for leak detection in the main primary circuit of the pressurized water reactors during its hydraulic test

Créé le : 25/04/2013

Fan Zhang, Laurent Truchetti, Yann Forestier - 01/09/2012 - RC - 30TH European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing, 7 TH international Conference on Acoustic Emission - Grenade  (Espagne) - 12 au 15 septembre 2012…

The method of acoustic emission has been used since 1978 to monitor weld series in the main primary loop of PWR nuclear power plants in France. It performs remote monitoring of the leak tightness of these areas that are not accessible during the hydraulic pressure test. To fulfil the French Ministerial Order of November 10th, 1999, as with other non-destructive examination methods used in service, this technique was qualified in 2006. Since then, several additional studies have been conducted to improve NDE reliability for PWRs on the one hand and to extend the qualification to the design of the new EPR reactor on the other hand. This paper presents the methodology and experimental approach that has been selected to achieve the qualification, in particular the detection performance demonstration.

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