New quick and flexible method for ultrasonic imaging of large metal or composite structures by generation of guided wave with matrix phased array te...

Créé le : 04/04/2016

Walaszek H., Zhang F., Leleux A., Castaings, Renier - 01/05/2015 - RC - ICU -International congress on ultrasonics- Metz - 10-14 mai…

An innovative new control method using guided ultrasonic waves generated and detected by array probes was developed as part of a collaborative project between I2M and CETIM . This method allows to excite and receive various types of guided waves ( with a pilot of modal and directional selectivity) to test large structures , and more particularly difficult access areas . It consists in associating guided ultrasonic waves to a system of detection / generation of phased matrix array type, which, so far, has been used to produce wave volume and to control areas in the immediate vicinity of the probes. Compared to existing methods exploiting the guided waves, this new method has an advantage in terms of speed , simplicity and flexibility in the implementation , providing opportunities for the control of metallic and composite structures. 

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