Measurement of the limit of adhesion of a unidirectional carbone fabric, dry & impregnated with a model fluid

Créé le : 24/10/2013

H. Aimé, S. Comas-Cordona, C. Binetruy, J. Schell, M. Deleglise, MF Lacrampe - 01/09/2013 - RC - Composites week @ Leuven and TexComp - 11e conférence - 16-20 septembre 2013 à Leuven…

To adjust mesoscopic models of washing effect on the RTM process with thermoplastic polymers it is necessary to determine the limit of adhesion. To measure this parameters a new method is described. This method allows to settle the sample thickness from compression tests taking into account the relaxation of the fibrous reinforcement.

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