MACSIM : A cooperative project to specify, develop and validate of tool for simulating AE examinations

Créé le : 25/04/2013

Alain Lhémery, Mabrouk Ben Tahar, Fabrice Foucher, Alain Mesinele, Patrick Recolin, Fan Zhang - 01/09/2012 - RC - 30TH European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing, 7 TH international Conference on Acoustic Emission - Grenade  (Espagne) - 12 au 15 septembre 2012…

AE examinations allow the detection of evolving defects. By using several sensors, localizing the AE source is possible if the speeds of elastic waves propagating the energy released by the defect up to the sensors are known; measuring these speeds in actual structures is rather difficult due to possible multimodal propagation.

Characterizing the AE source is even more difficult considering the complex wave generation mechanisms and the various scattering phenomena affecting waves all along their path from the source to the receivers. The project MACSIM (acronym for simulation of AE testing) has been cofounded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France) to specify, develop and validate a simulation tool dedicated to AE testing.

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