Leakage in cold environnement : behaviour of a nitril O-ring

Créé le : 12/03/2013

B. Omnes, Julie Pioger, Patrick Heuillet - 01/10/2012 - RC - 8th international MERL Oilfield Engineering with polymers 2012…

Nowadays, large industrials applications required a good control of sealing function in an extremely cold media. The critical temperature for a rubber corresponds to the temperature of glass transition (Tg) or below that one. In static sealing application, the function is guaranteed if the level of the contact pressure is sufficient to block the pressure of the fluid of the system. This contact pressure results from a competition between the viscoelastic behaviour of the rubber and the phenomenon of the differential expansion of the O-ring and its rigid parts. The experimental study interested in the evolution of the viscoelastic behaviour of the NBR (60 Shore A) and of the determination of the gas leakage rate in a specific sealing system through the glass transition.

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