Is splash lubrication comptabile with efficient gear units for high-speed applications ?

Créé le : 30/06/2015

Neurouth A., Changenet C., Ville F., Velex P., Octrue M. - 01/08/2014 - RC - International Gear Conférence - 26-28 août 2014 - Lyon…

In order to increase power density of electric automotive powertrain, it is possible to use electric motors that run at speeds up to 30,000-50,000 rpm. To reduce this speed we need efficient gearboxes at acceptable cost level. Considering medium speed applications, splash lubrication appears as the most appropriate and economical solution to move the lubricant into the gear teeth and the bearings. Does this type of lubrication still usable at higher speed ?

Efficiency and thermal behavior are strongly coupled. Because the gearbox can’t be considered isothermal, we need a model that compute the temperature at several point of the gearbox and calculate different power losses in consequence.

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