Influence of the lubrication conditions on surface integrity in drilling

Créé le : 09/05/2019

Drilling is largely used to manufacture mechanical components in the aeronautical and nuclear industries. Industrialists need to understand this process in-depth so as to master the manufacturing of parts and ensure their service life. However, studying this process is complicated; the hole is confined and it is hard to observe physical phenomena directly during the drilling process. The aim of this article is to present an experimental study of the drilling operation of an austenitic stainless steel 316L in industrial conditions. Three cases of lubrication are studied (internal coolant, external coolant, dry). In each case, the drilling operation is accurately analyzed. The temperatures around the drilled surface, forces, and residual stresses are analyzed. The influence of the lubrication conditions is studied during the drilling operation (temperature, forces…) and its influence on the surface integrity after drilling is clearly demonstrated.

Author : U. Masciantonio, Cetim