Induction thermography as an alternative to conventional NDT methods for forged parts

Créé le : 30/06/2014

Bouteille P., Legros G. - 08/01/2014 - RC - QIRT 2014 - Bordeaux  -7/11 juillet 2014…

Dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection are widely used in the industry to inspect metallic components. These non-destructive testing methods are highly efficient but they induce possible risks for operators’ health (chemical products use, solvent vapors exposition, electromagnetic fields exposition…) and for environment (effluents generation, significant energy consumption for drying or magnetization operations…). 

As they are faced with tougher environmental rules, increasing numbers of industrialists take a real interest to ecofriendly alternative inspection methods capable of giving similar results. Since several years, CETIM, the French technical center for mechanical industry, are involved in the development of active infrared thermography, and especially induction thermography on forged components. 

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