Functional evaluation of ageing for elastomeric seals in nuclear transport casks

Créé le : 09/07/2015

Omnes B., Momom S., Fribourg D. - 01/10/2014 - RC - Workshop approche prédictive de l'étanchéité - 13/10/2014 - Maison de la chimie…

A recurrent concern in the design and safety analysis of packaging for the transportation of radioactive material is to characterize the leaktightness of elastomeric gaskets at low and high temperatures.

Indeed, most gasket suppliers specify minimum and maximum allowable temperatures but they do not specify what are the acceptance criteria, the seal life of the gaskets at these temperatures and how these minimum and maximum temperatures are determined. Based on this type of data, it is difficult to guarantee the leaktightness of gaskets submitted to fluctuating temperatures in industrial applications.

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