Fatigue of structures in mechanical vibratory environment from mission profiling to fatigue life prediction

Créé le : 02/07/2014

Mohamed Bennebach, Olivier Bardou - 01/11/2013 - RC : Fatigue Design…

Components operating in a mechanical vibratory environment are highly susceptible to fatigue damage phenomenon. Failure may arise through long term exposure to a combination of low amplitude random events and/or high amplitude ones such as shocks.

The durability of these components is usually validated on shaker rigs, using an accelerated simplified test derived from mission profiling and test synthesis process. The basis of this method is damage equivalence, the accelerated test leading to the same fatigue damage content as that observed in real service conditions. Numerical simulation can help optimizing this process, allowing verifying that the synthetic test is realistic, and giving the damage distribution based on real material behaviour laws.

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