Development of composite and multi-material assembly solutions for automotive applications

Créé le : 29/04/2013

Alain Lemascon… 

We believe that the integration at large scale of composite materials in mechanical engineering applications strongly depends on the present and future developments of composite solutions for the automotive market.

Cetim is involved in research, design and manufacturing of composite structures made of thermoplastic polymers at Technocampus EMC2 which is a major French technological research center based at Nantes and devoted to the development of composite processing technologies.

The design office skilled in composite coupled to an industrial platform gathering all the processing technologies applied to thermoplastic composites gives Cetim the capability to answer to the drastic mass reduction required by the automotive industry.

The technological know-how of the Cetim composite team is strengthened by the “Composite Innovation Open Lab” which is a common research laboratory created by Cetim with Ecole Centrale de Nantes and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cachan in order to solve the scientific and technological breakthroughs in terms of processes simulation, design optimization, understanding of the mechanical behavior of multi-material assemblies…

We will present how Cetim, with its academic partners, brings new solutions to the automotive industry based on the introduction of composite materials in automotive structural parts including multi-material assembly technologies.

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