Designing multimaterials bonded assemblies: characterization, modelisation and validation

Créé le : 06/02/2019

Adhesive bonding is increasingly used in many industrial fields such as transportation, energy and others. It presents many advantages: ability to join dissimilar materials and specially composites, structure lightening, corrosion resistance, absence of holes in the materials, aesthetic joints….However, a lack of confidence in this assembly method slows its development. Reliable and robust methodologies are needed for designing these joints and optimizing their durability in hostile environments. The purpose of this conference is to describe the different steps of the proposed methodology: thermo-mechanical characterization of the adherends and the adhesive, design and modelling and validation. The case study is a nautical structure, made of a fiberglass-polyester composite part bonded to a multiply wood part with a two-part polyurethane adhesive.

Author : Jean-Pierre JEANDRAU