Angle Time cyclostationarity in rolling element bearing vibrations

Créé le : 18/06/2015

Abboud D., Eltabach M., Sieg-Zieba S., Antoni J. - 06/07/2014 - RC - 4TH international Conference on condition monitoring of machinery in non stationary opérations (CMMNO 2014)…

In the last decade, the theory of cyclostationarity has played a pivotal role in vibration-based diagnosis of rotating machinery. In particular, the authors in [Randall 2001] have shown that rolling element bearings are likely to produce second-order cyclostationary vibrations. In this case, the fault signature appears as cyclically autocorrelated vibration components locked to the rotational shaft speed. This property is usually defined by the periodicity of the autocorrelation function whose bispectral counterpart, namely the spectral correlation, is one of the most powerful second-order cyclostationnary tools. The latter has the advantage of describing both the waveform dynamics and the nature of hidden periodicities [Antoni 2007]. However, the validity of cyclostationary approaches is confined to stationary speed conditions where the speed profile remains merely constant.

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