Acoustic emission testing. Defining a new standard of acoustic emission testing for pressure vessels. Part. 3 : critical study of current analysis p...

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Johann Catty - 01/02/2014 - Journal of acoustic emission (JAE)…

Several regulatory rules, such as the Best Practices Guideline (GBP)[1], ASME Section V-Art 12[2], ASTM E1419 [3],.. exist for acoustic emission (AE) testing of pressure vessels in France and the rest of the world and allow AE testing based on two techniques (zonal location and planar source location methods). However, the analysis criteria of data recorded during the testing lack adequate basis. This work, following two other studies [5][6], highlights inconsistencies in analysis methods defined in these guides or codes, and proposes new definitions of classical criteria. Moreover, a new analysis method, called ‘Full Quantitative Analysis” is described, aiming to a more accurate and powerfull diagnosis of an AE test. This extensive study, based on modelling calculations [5], and also on real cases, shows that using the actual rules, the results of an AE test cannot be reproducible due to a lack of strictness in the application rules of AE. Depending on the testing configuration used, on the size of the structure subject of the control, the environmental conditions, some emissive defects can be differently classified, or missed. This study may also be used as a basis for defining a new AE testing standard specifically and quantitatively defining a methodology of analysis based on a different approach from those used currently.

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