A generic methodology to improve the control of forging process parameters

Créé le : 30/06/2015

Allam Z., Becker E., Baudouin C., Bigot R., Krumpipe P. - 01/07/2014 - Revue « La Forge »…

One of the common problems in forging processes is the lack of key process parameters control, as well as their identification. Certain controlled parameters exist, such as temperature or stroke length, which are usually identified and controlled through a systematic approach. Their selection depends particularly on the part to produce or on customer’s constraints, rather than a rational approach. In this paper, a methodology is proposed to select the key process parameters.

There are some methodologies which already exist, such as the DMAIC, which are used to determine the control parameters and their influences on the desired specifications. However, this approach has certain drawbacks. For example, the key parameters are selected by experts, which makes each case study time consuming. The aim is to develop a generic methodology to improve the manufacturing process in the forging industry. The methodology is represented as a decision support system that connects product specifications (geometry, absence of defects…) or other forging specifications (tool wear, involved energy...) to the process parameters. The latter will be able to define the key parameters, their values and their appropriate way of control. These links will be setup using the empirical rules and physical laws.

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