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Additive manufacturing: a digital environment designed for metal wire déposition

IRT System X is launching the WAS project as part of its partnership with AFH. Scope: define digital models and a programming environment able to control metal wire deposition process parameters using a robotic system.


IRT System X is launching the "WAS" (Wire Additive manufacturing process Simulation) project as part of its partnership with Additive Factory Hub (AFH). This 42 month long project aims to develop models and a digital environment (digital twin) to optimize the control of the additive manufacturing process by metal-wire deposition, which is popular for creating large parts or for adding features by reloading, with the creation of a demonstrator. The intended use cases will concern the oil and gas, aeronautics and energy production industries..

Three axes will be studied: preparing a digital twin for the manufacturing system, defining optimal manufacturing strategies and controlling process parameters.A software demonstrator can be used to define and analyse the influence of the strategies implemented for the manufacturing unit set up at AFH.

"This project is particularly exciting as it involves the robotics, multi-physical modelling and artificial intelligence experts of IRT SystemX. Thanks to this project, we will be able to prepare the digital twin of a production unit in order to optimise process control, guarantee long-term performance and actively use feedback" explained Christophe Tournier, project manager for SystemX. 

WAS is part of the works led by AFH and focusing on improving our understanding of WAAM (for Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing) and the mechanical behaviour of and strain in the parts produced. Four industrial partners of AFH are involved in addition to Cetim: Air Liquide, EDF, Safran and Vallourec. ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure - Higher National School) Paris Saclay will also supervise a thesis in this field.


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