Webinar: How Failure Analysis drives innovation in heavy engineering?

Organisé par Cetim and Cetim-Matcor
Strategic Insights by Robert Shandro, Failure Analysis Principal Consultant at Cetim Matcor
jeudi 22 février 2024
Via TEAMS from 9.00am to 9:45am (UTC+1)

Analysing failures is a critical process in determining the physical root causes of issues which affect operations and safety. The process is complex and usually requires many different technical disciplines, and uses a variety of observations, inspection, data collection, methodology and laboratory techniques.

By identifying root causes and implementing preventive measures, it minimizes injury risks, reduces downtime, and enhances productivity in heavy engineering sectors. Quality-endorsed organizations and insurance companies often mandate failure investigations to mitigate future risks.  


Join our Webinar on February 22nd, from 9am to 9.45am (UTC+1) to learn more on this subject with our Failure Aanalysis Principal Consultant, Robert Shandro.

Subscription is free but mandatory.


Prerequisites for participants:

No prerequisites for participants, just open mind, eager to learn and curiosity.


In the webinar, our expert Mr. Robert Shandro, will focus on the delivering following content using a past case study:

  • Brief Introduction of speaker and the Company
  • Failure Analysis and Investigation
    • What is a failure
    • Failure analysis methodology
    • Failure Analysis Modes and Mechanism
    • Failure Analysis Statistics
    • Failure Analysis of a 28 MW gearbox - Case Study:
      • On-site inspection and measurement
      • Laboratory Examinations
      • Calculation and Simulation using adopted tools
      • Root cause analysis
      • Improvement solution
      • Questions/Answers


About Robert Shandro

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science - Specialist in failure investigation, forensic engineering and condition assessment with more than 30 years of consulting experience in Energy, Aerospace, Transportation, Shipbuilding and Public Works.
Member of French delegation for ISO TC60 (Technical Committee), Expert in load capacity calculation of gears, terminologies, notation, strength and quality of materials for gears.

His areas of expertise : 

  • Failure analysis of a wide range of mechanical equipment/components and structural facilities
  • Expert witness for litigation and insurance claims
  • Expert consultant and technical support on patent litigations
  • Forensic engineering investigation of industrial failures and accidents
  • Design, verification and failure analysis of mechanical power transmission components.
  • Condition and remnant life assessment of mechanical power transmission components
  • Standardization works (ISO TC60)
Robert Shandro
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