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Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

Area of expertise

Quality - safety - environment

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To master risks!


As an owner or operator of infrastructure, facilities or equipment, you operate in especially volatile markets, shaped by new regulatory, environmental, societal, technological and digital challenges.

You need to implement an organisation and the tools to:

  • Reduce your OPEX, CAPEX by extending the life of your equipment: control investments and optimise maintenance
  • Control your risks
  • Uphold a high level of equipment performance: reliability, availability, maintenance, safety
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction (quality /cost /time)

A 3-level approach :

  • A technical and technological approach

- Third-party expert appraisal regarding the state of health and conformity of your equipment: corrosion, materials, assemblies

- Validation of performance by numerical simulation: mechanical sizing, thermal resistance, fluid flow, etc..

- Estimation of the residual life of your facilities

- Inspection of your equipment: NDT, automated/robotised inspection, leak detection and leak testing

- Proposal of IIoT solutions for supervision and monitoring

- Energy and environmental optimisation of in-service equipment and end-of-life management

- Damage analysis, development of repair plans and support for the implementation of corrective actions

  • An organisational approach

- Introduction of your AIM system in your company

- Implementation of an RBI approach and related tools in partnership with your operational teams

- Performance of various types of analyses (risk analysis, FMECA, life cycle analysis, etc.)

- Establishment of Lean Management, flow reorganisation, workstation management

  • An approach aimed at safeguarding and developing your human capital

- Cetim's training centre offers more than 400 Cetim Academy®  training courses in France and abroad, which are delivered face-to-face or in a virtual classroom, on an inter- or intra-company basis 

- Skills and knowledge engineering and talent identification

- Safety / Health of your employees during operation: Management of harmful emissions (air, water, soil) and waste, workstation ergonomics and collaborative robotics for assistance with physical movements, virtual and augmented reality


- A business approach based on over 50 years of multidisciplinary expertise

- Structured support / approach based on proven methodologies

- Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements through our active participation in the various standards bodies

- 25 years of R&D in the field of monitoring

- Innovative resources dedicated to expert investigations (drones and robots, 3D digitisation and simulation, advanced NDT, tomography, etc.)

- A head start in the Industry of the Future through access to the latest simulation methods and technologies

Our other services

Expertise in non-destructive testing

NDT, as a preventive measure, according to regulations or subsequent to a failure

digital engineering: calculation and simulation

Calculation and simulation to improve the performance and robustness of your products, reduce the time-to-market and maximize equipment availability. ...

Scanning / Reconstructing your products in 3D

3D scanning, inspection and reverse engineering of products (all materials).

For a tailored approach to IIoT

You are looking to act and quickly create added value through the use of your data, take advantage of the product/process business expertise ... You a...

Reduce the environmental impact of your industrial activities

 Circular economy, clean technologies and products, production waste, effluents, soil pollution, air pollution… Cetim provides you with independent an...

Failure analysis and expertise

More than just a simple diagnosis, a true driver of competitiveness!

Forensic and insurance expertise

Are you a court-appointed and/or insurance expert? Call on an independent partner to assist you in your investigations!

Fracture mechanics

Analyse, understand and anticipate the failure of a component or piece of mechanical equipment to be able to judge its integrity.

Failure or damage of mechanical components

Analyse and understand the failure of a component, transmission or a mechanical equipment

Failure or damage to mechanical systems

Analyse and understand the failure of the kinematic chain of a mechanical system

Wear & failure of polymer and composite parts

Understand and anticipate plastic, composite and elastomer material breaks

Profile and surface anaylsis following a failure

A metrology laboratory to control your faulty mechanical parts or devices

Failure of bolted, welded, riveted or adhesive bonded assemblies

Understand the origin of failure for robust assemblies

Faulty parts on production line

Defective parts on the production line

Vibratory failure analysis

Expert know-how in noise and vibrations

Expertise in tightness failures analysis

Our full range of expertise to help you quickly and accurately identify the causes of leaks

Failure of thermofluidic installations and equipment

All our expertise for reliable thermofluidic systems

Pressure equipment failure

Secure your pressure equipment

Failure, damage of metallic parts

Analyse and understand the failure of a part, product or metallic equipment

Expertise in corrosion and corrosion protection

Analyse and understand the corrosion of a part, product or metallic equipment

Wear, abrasion, friction of metallic parts

Understand and characterise wear and friction phenomena


Our references

Fault analyses completed in double quick time

( Locapal)

Risk management and regulatory conformity

 Master and foresee risks means avoiding accidents, production stops and losses, which could put your company's existence in danger.
Cetim has developed a long experience and comprehensive knowledge in risk prevention and statutory compliance, and will efficiently contribute to help you control most industrial hazards, for the sake of your staff and organization.

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