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Develop innovative and environmentally-responsible products

Area of expertise
Produits innovant

Innovation, eco-design, design to cost, management of failures and customer claims… Cetim provides you with independent tailor-made and comprehensive assis...

  • Innovate / design new products which meet the expectations of your markets
  • Review the design of existing products that need to be optimised (production cost, performance, use, etc.)
  • Integrate environmental issues
  • Market products that comply with the regulations (CE marking directives, REACH regulation, etc.)
  • Analyse the failures of your products in order to implement corrective actions
  • Strategic analysis and marketing
  • Usage analysis
  • Specification of requirements to define the design of your products (technical specifications)
  • Implementation of creativity sessions and search for suitable technical solutions (examples of Cetim’s fields of expertise: materials, assembly, leak-tightness, etc.)
  • Design
  • Value Analysis and cost optimisation
  • Reliability / Dependability / Maintainability
  • Risk analysis and integration of requirements relating to the safety of people
  • CE marking process
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to reduce the environmental impact of products
  • Implementation of an eco-design / eco-innovation project to better integrate the major environmental issues at stake
  • Design for recycling
  • Dimensioning through numerical simulation
  • Creation of drawings
  • Preparation for industrial manufacturing and selection of the means of production
  • Tests to qualify the technical solutions
  • Assessment of compliance with the regulations
  • Technical documentation (instructions for use, etc.)
  • Work with a partner which has wide expertise in diverse and complementary fields
  • Obtain comprehensive support which takes all the product development aspects into account
  • Optimise the cost of your products
  • Find technical solutions suited to the constraints of your projects
  • Anticipate future requirements (eco-design, recycling, safety, etc.)
  • Control the marketing of your products
  • Develop the skills of your design teams

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Design and simulation

The design of products and their manufacturing processes includes many different parameters ranging from human to technological ones, not to mention environmental issues and questions dealing with operators' well-being.
So many reasons to call for Cetim’s experience!

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