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Residual stress determination

Area of expertise

Fatigue of components and structures

diffraction X - forage incrémentiel

 From X-ray diffraction to incremental hole drilling


You want to determine residual stresses in order to:

  • Develop or test a manufacturing process:
    - Raw part
    - Heat or thermo-chemical treatment (tempering, case hardening, etc.)
    - Machining (grinding, milling, turning, etc.)
    - Work treatment (shot peening, roller-burnishing, etc.)
  • Compare several processes concerning fatigue strength or stress corrosion.

Definition and implementation of suitable protocols:

  • Advice and support for developing an experimental design
  • Assistance in drafting specifications


Surface or in depth analysis:

  • X-ray diffraction method (non-destructive)
  • Incremental hole drilling method (destructive)


Working with large instruments:

  • Neutron radiation method (non-destructive)
  • Synchrotron radiation method (non-destructive)


Assistance in exploiting and capitalising on the results.

  • Comprehensive management of your experiment requirements
  • Project monitoring adapted to your demands
  • Standardised tests (EN15305-2009 and ASTM E837-2008)
  • Services of a provider with proven skills (35 years of capitalising on experience) that is certified both by approved organisations (ISO 9001) and its customers (Safran, Airbus, Renault, PSA, etc.)
  • Access to Cetim’s manifold skills to help you optimise your products and processes.

Our references

Retained austenite quantification in production

( Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes)

Targeting optimum quality for equipment

( Technidrill)

Choix et caractérisation des matériaux

Les matériaux sont un enjeu primordial dans la conception de vos produits:
Lesquels choisir, selon quels critères, métalliques, composites, élastomères?
Comment les assembler ? Quels procédés de fabrication? Quels traitements leur appliquer ?
Autant de questions auxquelles les experts du Cetim vous apportent des réponses pratiques et argumentées, en les complétant si vous le souhaitez de prestations d'aide à la conception pouvant vous faire gagner un temps précieux dans la mise sur le marché de vos produits.

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