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Jec 2018 à Paris-Villepinte - participation du Cetim

Registration for JEC conferences is now open

Solutions and knowledge for the development of composites are on the program for JEC 2018 conferences. With the Carnot Cetim Institute orchestrating the event, three Carnot Institutes and Onera have teamed up to help companies get maximum benefit from the advantages of composite materials. 


Aeronautics, automobile, transportation, energy, Oil & Gas : l’institut Carnot Cetim, along with three other Carnot institutes – Arts Mines, TN@UPSaclay (CEA List) – and the Onera aerospace research center, are offering over ten conferences at their stand, “Composites in action”(Hall 6 – G89) at JEC World 2018. This is a unique opportunity to preview major advances both in terms of material aspects and in fatigue, design, non-destructive testing and new processes. Free registration is required to participate. Meetings with experts have also been set up for companies looking for solutions to their projects.


Three market-focused days

JEC world is without a doubt the largest event in the world bringing together the global composite industry community. A complete range of new materials, processes and composite solutions will be featured at the show from March 6-8 in Paris-Villepinte. Cetim will be present at its stand, “Composites in Action”, aptly named given the Center’s active involvement and policy in this area for many years. At this year’s event, the Carnot Cetim Institute has organized a series of technical conferences in partnership with three other institutes, Carnot Arts, Mines, TN@UPSaclay (CEA List) and the Onera aerospace research center, affiliated in the framework of the Carnot branch specialized in Manufacturing. In particular, the conferences address the major markets including aeronautics, transportation and the automotive sector, Oil & Gas and energy.

In the aeronautics field, the conferences focus in particular on parts optimization and design with a new software solution. This is a first! In terms of innovative solutions, the speakers will highlight non-destructive test methods, simulation and imagery. The production of parts in Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) on the high speed production line (QSP), integration of the parts testing process via thermography and fault analysis and ruin phenomenon will also be presented.  


As for the transportation and automotive sectors, the conferences focus on sustainability of composites, mechanical characterization of parts via acoustics emission and contribution of a digital image correlation method, and presentation of the development of a composite bumper-beam for the automotive sector. 

 Comfort, efficiency, durability are the bywords which characterize developments in composite parts designed for the rail sector and which are also featured in the conferences.

The day dedicated to Oil&Gas and energy features three conferences presenting thermoplastic composites used for the filament winding process and failure analysis of pressure equipment, with a practical example. This session concludes with a study of the porosity of these composite materials using stereology. 

 Among the other innovations showcased, be sure not to miss innovative testing and control solutions, including an online control demonstration by multi-element ultrasounds of bands produced by pultrusion, or the first R&D platform for recycling of composite materials, developed by Cetim-Cermat and one of the finalists for the JEC Awards 2018.

For the duration of the show, B2B meetings with experts are organized, in particular for SMEs seeking R&D solutions for their industrial projects. The purpose of the B2B meetings: to allow companies to benefit from the pooled offer of the Carnot Institute, which provides direct access to French research skills and resources.

For the complete program schedule as well as registration forms for the conferences and B2B meetings visit our site at: Agenda.

Additional information is also available on the Quilted Stratum Design software solution to optimize composite material parts right from the design phase, as well as on the Recycling R&D platform for composite materials, on our site at « News ». 


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