PALACE Project

Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations

Clean Sky2 - Call for Proposal 06-2017 - Innovative pump architecture for cooling electrical machine

PALACE is the story of an innovative pump which expects to be implemented in several aircraft used cases. This pump is not a common pump. This pump works whatever the speed of the machines, whatever the temperature range of the fluid, whatever the tank pressure conditioning by the flight level.

PALACE is a great adventure within different teams : SERV a small and medium-sized enterprise which designs and manufactures pumps, and CETIM the Hydraulic and Mechanical Technical Center in France known to help little structures by supporting engineering skills and tools.

Thales Avionics Electrical Systems (TAES) shares this motivating European research program as Topic Manager.

Electrical Power Generation

The PALACE project’s aim is to cool the electrical power generators working at variable speed, by transporting the cooling fluid in different conditions.

At the end of the project, after passing the qualification tests specified to comply with aircraft environmental requirements, 2 prototypes (TRL5) will be delivered.

How to guarantee a minimum flowrate of 23 L/min whatever the conditions ?
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