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PV FEA : Pressure Vessel dimensioning

Banner PV FEA software Cetim



The only FEA program on the market enabling fast and accurate

"Complex Pressure Vessel dimensioning"



Industrial requirements


Dimension and optimization of complex Pressure Vessels following building codes Codap®, ASME and EN13445

Castor PV FEA brings powerful and trustable solution based on 50 years of CETIM's experience in Pressure Vessels dimensioning and optimization

PV FEA works also for accessories, structures ans mechanical components.

PV FEA is able to process loadings that cannot be processed directly by regular codes: loading that are not pressures (punctual or sharing stresses), heads with off-center / slanted openings near large angles outside of limits planned by codes, very near pipes...


Application domains


Castor PV FEA enables the dimensioning and optimization of complex Pressure Vessels in many engineering disciplines such as aeronautical, food, chemical, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear, offshore, petrochemical, pharmaceuctical, filtration, brewing, beverage, water treatment, piping and power.


Handled complex Geometry


PV FEA contains powerful modeling and meshing units.

  User Finite Element Analysis benefit against Analytic methods


  • Intersections of piping elements
  • Special components for which internal pressure design stress codes are available but no calculation norms for external forces and moments
  • Components where the standards of k- and i- factors are unsatisfactory
  • Special components without k- and i- factors defined in the stress codes
  • Analysis of local stress utilization, e.g. for life-time analysis
  • Optimization of details in pipe and vessel constructions
  • Nozzle and cams at vessel with or without reinforcement
  • Big diameter tubes with miter bends
  • Calculations with to measured pipe segments (as-build), e.g. bends
  • Damage analysis of bend deformation due to internal pressure or bending in oval bends


Afordable costs


The overall possession costs is the lowest of the market taking into account that PV FEA deals with complex Pressure Vessel dimensioning.


PV FEA key arguments


  • Assistance to constraints counting following the code
  • Constraints linearization in thickness for 2D/3D volume elements
  • Detailed fatigue analysis following code
  • Rectangular and non-circular Pressure Vessel analysis
  • Comprehensive error checking saddle, leg, and skirt design
  • Analysis for horizontal shipping of vertical vessels
  • Wind analysis
  • Steel databases and modeling


Personal deployment assistance


50 years of experience in mechanical product computation, dimensioning and analysis enable CETIM to propose dedicated support for engineering consultants:

  • Reminds of FEA theory
  • PV FEA specific training session
  • FEA domain comprehensive training
  • Technical hotline
  • Project coaching through internet
  • Services




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