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Cetim QSD® : The "design to manufacturing" solution to optimize your composite material parts


The design-to-cost software solution to optimize your composite parts


Cetim QSD® is the result of several years of research conducted in collaboration with l’ONERA and ALTAIR



  • Quickly design light and low cost parts that meet the requirements in terms of structural performance
  • Cetim QSD® is the result of several years of research performed in collaboration with ONERA and ALTAIR



  • Cetim QSD® is perfectly integrated into Altair’s Hyper-Works® environment and allows you, depending on themanufacturing process, to identify the ideal materialorientations and thicknesses for your composite material parts in a simple manner
  • By making it possible to quickly develop light and low cost parts that meet the imposed structural requirements, Cetim QSD® is addressing major industrial challenges, particularly in the aeronautic, automotive, sports and leisure and special machinery sectors



This software solution is intended for designers of composite material and multi-material parts. It allows you to identify the best way to use each of your materials. It is based on a multi-step optimisation method developed by ONERA and named “stiffness matching”
The first two steps allow you to determine easily, as early as the preliminary design phase, the possible performance of the structure depending on the materials used and their area of use
The third step consists of taking the manufacturing process into account to identify the feasible optimum composite lay up which will ensure a level of performance that is the closest to the ideal level of structural performance of your part while still complying with predefined cost objectives



  • Based on an innovative methodology for composite materials optimisation: “Stiffness matching”
  • Reduced CPU time
  • Easy identification of the maximum performance for your application
  • Integration of the forming manufacturing process by means of Drape Estimator®
  • An algorithm which identifies the optimum lay up (thickness/orientation) and integrates the design/manufacturing compromise




  • Assistance with material selection, fast identification of the ideal fibre orientation and thicknesses for your parts based on the manufacturing process
  • Reduced material scraps and optimised costs thanks to an integrated simulation of the forming process
  • User-friendly interface integrated into the reference environment for composite material optimisation (HyperMesh® + OptiStruct®)
  • Suitable for all composite processes allowing tailored lay-up (fibre placement, hand lay-up, QSP®, etc.) for thermoset and thermoplastic resins
  • The result of 5 years of collaborative research by Cetim and Onera (French aerospace research centre)


For more information, contact your sales representative: Joséphine BIDRON


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