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Castor Workbench : Interactive CAE Simulation

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Your first comprehensive, effective and affordable mechanical FEA worbench



Industrial requirements


Bolted Product validation and optimization

Design weakness assessment

Development time reduction

Castor Workbench brings simple, effective and powerful solution.

The Castor Workbench comes in an "all in one" workbench to satisfy the complete design chain: from the designer that could quick pre-sizing computation to calculation engineer who will achieve more accurate studies.


Application domains


Castor Workbench enables the dimensionning and optimization of mechanical structures and components in many engineering disciplines such aeronautical, automotive, biomedical, marine, geotechnical, mechanical, mining structural and transportation.


Handled complex Geometry


Improved Castor Workbench accepts modeling types as wired, surface and 3D structure.





Castor offers bi-directional associativity with SpaceClaim, the leader software for engineering, mechanical design and 3D manufacturing.

Use SpaceClaim Engineer to:

  • Load existing CAD models whatever their source and format
  • Clean the geometry
  • Edit new 3D model using special sheet metal functions
  • Quick convert 3D model in sheet metal part
  • Take into account sheet metal properties (thickness, bending radius, K factor)
  • Prepare 3D model for FEM computation
  • Export 3D model in Castor Workbench FEM computation unit
  • Export 3D model in Castor while preserving attributes (meshing, boundary conditions, loadings)


User friendly


Mechanical The program hides much of the complexity involved with the process of CAE computations and minimizes manual input as well as the need for expert CAE knowledge.

This approach allows more users to feel confident in using a CAE product, wich was previously often regarded as out of reach for the average designer.

Castor Workbench GUI has been specially adapted so that different ways are proposed to reach goals.

Post processing is very intuitive and after two days, you'll be Castor's expert.


Afordable costs


The overall possession costs is the lowest of the market taking into account that Castor Workbench answers to 80% of your daily computation and analysis requirments.

You sure to pay the good price for the functions you really need.

Do not make compromise bestween pricing, performance and validation anymore.


Trustable results


Resilience Castor Workbench enables non-experts in FEA computation to definitively trust in software results. The number of elements types used though automatic meshing has been drastically optimized. Assistants allow you to checking resulting meshing quality. Moreover, you have access to any value in any meshing point.

For 40 years, CETIM used Castor Workbench for all its technical studies and support.


Personal deployment assistance


50 years of experience in mechanical product computation, dimensioning and analysis enable CETIM to propose dedicated support for engineering consultants:

  • Reminds of FEA theory
  • Castor specific training session
  • FEA domain comprehensive training
  • Technical hotline
  • Project coaching through internet
  • Services



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